Car Towed After Being Totaled in Middle River, MD; At or Not At Fault, How Do You Determine Value

Getting in a car accident can be an emotional experience. The fear of injury for those involved, the hesitation to get back in a car again, and so much more can cause emotional distress following an accident. In addition to those fears you may also be dealing with doctors’ appointments, insurance companies, towing companies, and mechanics. Many people find knowing what to do after an accident can be overwhelming to deal with.

Process for How to File a Car Insurance Claim

One of the things that you will want to make sure happens is opening a claim with your insurance company. Once you have opened a claim an insurance adjuster will be assigned to your case. The insurance adjuster is responsible for researching your claim and deciding how much the insurance company will pay out for your claim. Damage to the car, personal injury, and pain and suffering may all be included in this claim amount.

Car Accident Auto Insurance Claim Settlement

Many drivers are anxious to see how much they will be paid for their car. Some cars are deemed repairable while others are recommended to be totaled. A car is defined as totaled if it is a total loss after an accident. How does the insurance adjuster decide if your car should be totaled or not? If a car needs repairs that total 70% or more of the total value of the car the car is generally determined to be totaled. Let’s give you an example of what that means. If you have a car that is worth $20,000 but it needs $17,000 worth of work to be safe to drive, it is labeled as a total loss. In order to decide how much repairs will cost the adjuster looks at quotes from the mechanic. At times the mechanic will let the adjuster know that they do not feel like the car can be repaired to the level of safety required to be driven. When a car is labeled as total they will typically see if they can salvage any parts or scrap metal from it before totaling it.

Calculate Car Value After Accident

Your insurance adjuster is the one who determines the value of your car. They will find similar models to your car for sale near where you live, check Kelley Blue Book value of the car, and assess the condition of the car prior to the accident to come up with the value that they give to your car. When they are assessing the condition of your car they will look at the age and mileage as well as the physical condition of the car. If you drive a high-end car that will be factored into their decision making process as well. You have a right to see the estimate that is written up on your car and dispute the value if you believe that they valued your vehicle for lower than it should have been.

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