Tire Safety & Maintenance Tips in Essex, MD to Avoid a Blowout or Flat Tire Change Roadside Assistance

Your vehicle is made up of many pieces and parts that have to work in unison to ensure that the vehicle is safe for travel. Most drivers know that they need to inspect their gas gauge and other gauges to be sure that they are at a proper operating level. They also know that the windows, mirrors and lights need to be working right as well. That does not mean that everyone takes the time to check them but it is important to. The other area of the car that most people overlook until there is a problem are the tires. The tires are a major part of the car and how safe it is to drive on the roads. There are several things that you can look at and inspect on the tires. You want to ensure that they are in good working condition so that you are not put at any risk. If you have a tire that blows out on your vehicle it can cause an accident and leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Baltimore Towing Lists a Tire Safety Inspection Checklist to Help Prevent a Flat Tire

Tire Tread Depth Gauge: The tires that you purchase for your vehicle are in great shape and have the proper amount of tread on them. After you drive your vehicle has been on the road and driving the tread will start to wear down. The tires are made to wear out and to only last a certain amount of miles. They are not going to last the life of the vehicle and you will need to change them out many times during the ownership of the car. If you are not sure how much tread should be on the tires to ensure they are safe. There is s simple test and as long as you have a penny you can check. The penny test is quite simple. You need to take the penny and set it headfirst into any part of the tread. If you are able to see the head of the Lincoln then you need to start replacing the tire. That means that the depth of tread is too low and it could be a potential hazard.
Check Tire Air Pressure: The next area of concern that you need to look into when taking care of your tires is the amount of pressure. If you have the wrong amount of pressure in the tires it can lead to a blow out and it can also lead to the tire wearing out uneven. If you are not sure what level of pressure that you should have it can be found on the tire itself or you can check the owner’s manual. The PSI can be tested by a tire repair technician or you can even do it yourself.
Rotate Tires: The next thing that you can do to make sure that the tires will last is to make sure that they are rotated on the vehicle. This will help to keep the tires wearing out much more even. Where they are on the car is how they will wear and that is why you need to move them around the car. If they are starting to wear uneven they will need to be replaced sooner than if you choose to do this simple task.

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