Roadside Safety Tips in Rosedale, MD; Check Fluids & Tire Pressure, Car Emergency Kit Checklist & More

Given the weather conditions in and around Rosedale, MD and neighboring Baltimore any mishap on the roads is elevated to emergency from mere inconvenience, particularly during the winter months. Baltimore Towing services the Rosedale area and provides emergency assistance 24/7 to those who find the operational utility of their vehicles to be compromised.

Jump Start for when Car Battery is Completely Dead & Tire Changes for Flat Tires

Seat belts caught outside the door leaving on the interior light while your shopping. A simple jump will get you on your way. Batteries are affected by low temperatures and perhaps that jump start will get all you need to get on your way home. Replacing, repair or changing a tire is frequently encountered. Parking lot debris may puncture a tire. Battery failure and flat tires are the primary emergency situations faced by drivers.

Fuel, Fluid & Air Delivery when You Run Out of Gas etc

Low fluids affect the transmission, engine and power steering. Many cars will disallow starting if the engine oil is low. Fluid delivery is another service gladly rendered. Low water for cooling is another reoccurring problem. But the primary low fluid service is fuel. Many if not all of us have run out of gas over our years driving.

Auto Lockouts when Keys are Locked in Car

Inadvertently left your keys in the car and locked it. Our service technicians are familiar with safe procedures for unlocking your vehicle. Another aggravating situation is the breaking off your key in the door or ignition. Broken key extraction is another service rendered if the need should arise.

Car Emergency Kit Checklist

In rural cross-country travel drivers are cautioned to have a 72-hour emergency kit for every passenger. But a well-prepared urbanite will have some emergency equipment to ensure their comfort and survival in inclement weather, particularly important if traveling with children. Things like a space blanket, some snacks and beverages will aid in emergency down time. Road markers and LED emergency flashers (preferred to using flares), flashlight and basic first aid kit will round out the tools for a short to extended 24hr wait time for emergency response and aid. No one can anticipate an emergency while operating a motor vehicle, but we owe it to ourselves and to our loved ones to be prepared. In the winter heat is very important. If you cannot start your car the heat will dissipate rapidly, and the need to stay warm is paramount, particularly it you have young children. A rather inexpensive space blanket or mylar sheet coated with MPET (metalized polyethylene terephthalate that reflects up to 97% of the heat is a basic item. Heat loss is conserved providing an inexpensive and lightweight means to stay warm, so the space or emergency blanket is a primary item included in your emergency kit. Two short term considerations are heat loss and dehydration. Staying hydrated is important, be sure to have enough fluids to sustain you for 24 hours. In an urban setting emergency response should be well under 24 hours, but not guaranteed. Snow, loss of communications are factors that may affect emergency service response times. Food, at least some snacks will make weathering the crisis a bit more endurable. Every car should have a basic first aid kit, as minor cuts, scrapes and injury often occur. Some wipes would also help cleanup after diagnosing the problem.

Emergency Roadside Assistance & Flatbed Towing Services in Rosedale, Rossville, Middle River, Essex, Overlea & Greater Baltimore, Maryland

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