When Are Flatbed Tow Trucks Needed in Baltimore, MD? Heavy, Lowered, 4 or All Wheel Drive Vehicles, Exotic Cars, Long Distance Towing & More

When you find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a car that is no longer able to move, you are in need of towing services. A standard tow truck uses a dolly system to lift the front tires of your vehicle off the ground, leaving the back tires to roll behind still on the road. There are many situations in which this is a great solution to your problem such as if your vehicle is two wheel drive or you are stuck in a tight spot. However, there are instances that require flatbed towing instead of a standard wheel lift tow truck. Baltimore Towing would like to talk about different scenarios in which the use of flatbed towing is the safest and best option for you.

When is Flatbed Towing the Best Option for You?

Here is a list of situations that require flatbed towing:
1. Towing for All-Wheel Drive Vehicles– When your car is a front wheel drive vehicle, the rear tires aren’t connected to the drive shaft which makes them able to roll freely on the road behind a vehicle while up on the dolly system of a standard tow truck. If your car is all-wheel drive however, you don’t have that luxury. When you tow an all-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicle this way, it not only will register as mileage on your odometer, but it can cause transmission damage in the process.
2. Heavy Vehicle Towing– If you have a truck or SUV that is very heavy, you will need the help of a flatbed tow truck to transport it. Tow trucks with a dolly system can only hold so much weight. Each tow truck is different, and some dolly systems can handle more weight than others, but if you have a large, heavy vehicle, you will most likely need a flatbed tow truck to help you get from point A to point B.
3. Long Distance Towing– If you are getting ready to tow a vehicle for a long distance, you may want to consider a flatbed rather than a dolly. This will keep your tires from experiencing the wear and tear involved with a long distance tow.
4. Towing for Lowered Vehicles– If your vehicle has low clearance, you can benefit from flatbed towing. This will keep the undercarriage of your vehicle safe from damage caused by the road. Each time a standard tow truck hits large bumps in the road or any other debris found on the road, you run the risk of undercarriage damage when your vehicle has low clearance.
5. Expensive & Exotic Car Towing– When you have a classic or vintage car, or a luxury car that is expensive, flatbed towing is a safer alternative to the standard tow truck. Flatbed towing is generally more expensive than a standard tow, but when you are dealing with a car that is priceless or incredibly expensive, it may be worth the money.

Flatbed Towing Services in Greater Baltimore, Maryland

Next time you find yourself in need of a tow, take these situations into consideration. If you find yourself with any of the scenarios listed above, consider flatbed towing for your vehicle. Baltimore Towing can help you with any of your standard or flatbed towing needs. Call us today!

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