Troubleshooting Car Overheating in Parkville, MD; What to Do, How to Fix to Avoid a Tow & More

One of the top reasons a person has to call for a tow is due to their car overheating. The vehicle has measures in place to prevent the car from overheating but that does not mean that they always work. There are times that the heat of the outdoors is enough to cause the car to overheat when you are trying to operate it. The issue is that if your car is overheating it is ill advised to keep driving it. If you continue to drive your car when it is overheating it can lead to the engine seizing and the car needing some major mechanical work. If you are getting the signal that your car is too hot and is overheating you want to pull off the side of the road right away to a safe place. The best thing you can do is to have the car towed and serviced to see what the problem is and what it causing your car to overheat. Baltimore Towing outlines what could be causing your car or truck to overheat.

Car Overheating Due to Low Coolant Levels

One of the top reasons a car is starting to overheat is due to the coolant. The coolant that is in your car is one of the fluids that is needed to help keep the engine cool and not allow it to overheat. The coolant needs to be replaced and kept an eye on so that it is full and able to do its job. The coolant may be having a hard time getting where it needs to and that will cause the engine to heat up. The coolant can also have a leak that can be releasing the coolant and that will reduce the amount you thought you had. If you have a problem with overheating it can be due to the level of coolant that you have in your car.

Radiator Fan Not Working

One of the most important ways your car keeps cool is the radiator fan. The fan runs and cools the air that is being sent through the engine compartment and this keeps it cooled down. The fan has an electrical component and if there is a problem it can cause the fan to not work. If the fan is not working the engine can start to overheat. The fan will need to be repaired before you are able to use the vehicle.

Bad or Broken Thermostat

The car has a thermostat you can use to keep an eye on the temperature of the engine. The engine needs to be kept at a temperature that is not too hot and not too cold. The way that you are able to do that is to keep an eye on the thermostat. When you see that it is overheating you want to make sure you pull over right away. The problem is that the thermostat can malfunction and your car can overheat and you may not even know. You want to make sure that your thermostat is working properly.

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